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The D'Ocon sisters - Carla and Maria - were born and raised in Barcelona, Spain and moved to Miami, Florida on 2010. They have supported each other their whole lives, and running a business has proved to have the same dynamic.


Maria's talent was very evident from an early age, and Carla's unwavering support helped Atelier D'Ocon become the business it is now. Aiding in Maria's successes, she gifted Maria her first mannequin as a way to kickstart her brand. That same year Carla became Atelier D'Ocon's first bride as Maria designed and created her sister's dream wedding gown.


From that point forward, the sisters' bond and Atelier D'Ocon's team have grown from Maria's apartment in 2017 to Miami's most famous bridal street, Miracle Mile, in 2019. Together they help brides feel the most special on this unforgettable journey. Atelier D'Ocon is a family-owned business located in the heart of Miami that began with the dream to create unique pieces of craftsmanship to fit their brides. 


The experience of choosing a wedding dress is a beautiful one, and they want their brides to be a part of the entire journey, from conceptualizing the design to the final fitting before the big day, which is why brides can customize their designs to the last detail, making each gown more unique.

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